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This Thursday!    - February 6th, 2020 -

Another world premiere of Eric's music by Minnesota Orchestra musicians!

Kristen Bruya, Principal Bass, and Katherine Nettleman, Acting Associate Principal Bass, premiere a piece written by Eric for them, plus Mozart, Haydn, and others.

Check out their video:

-6-8 PM, HGA in Ford Building,

Corner of 5th St. N. and 5th Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

-Light Meal & Wine included

-$45 ($10 discount available for first-time attenders of Accent)

-F​or more info, call Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra at (612)371-5694, 9 AM to 1 PM on weekdays

  • Osmo Vänskä, Conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra, &  Erin Keefe, Concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra,         with Mary Jo Gothmann, piano

  • Sunday, January 19, 2020, 3 PM

  • Zion Lutheran Church, Anoka, MN

  • Tickets: $20 at door, check or cash

  • For more info, click here


A violin, clarinet, and piano recital by Minnesota's first couple of classical music, featuring a second performance of Eric's waltz (written for Osmo & Erin, which they premiered in November at Orchestra Hall), and a 3-movement piece by Osmo

For Erin's video promoting the premieres in November, go to here


14 original works and 2 arrangements by Eric N. King.  Among Eric's pieces and arrangements on the program were works originally premiered by members of the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.  There were also eight World Premieres!

Big news coming!  Several of Eric's pieces will receive their premieres by some very well-known and highly regarded performers here in Minnesota!  Sign up on the Contact page to receive updates.

Minnesota Public Radio classical network  once again played Eric's Christmas piano CD, mostly on their Holiday Stream!  

Go to to access the schedules. (MPR also has 42 classical stations that range from Michigan to Idaho.)  You can listen anywhere in the world where there's wifi.  (Their holiday stream lasts until January 13th this year.)  Eric has been one of their most frequently played instrumental soloists each year.  Thank You again, MPR!

(Also, there's more info about Eric's CD on the DISC page.)

With the appreciation for the Chopin page, Eric has added one about Grieg.  Click on the More heading above on the right for the new list of pages.

A special Thank You from Eric to all the Millennials who are fans of his music!  It is wonderful to see such excited responses for these melodies among those of you who are the future of America and the world. Here's hoping that you will continue to support our wonderful music organizations in the coming years and decades!

Also Note: This website is new, and is still being developed. Nonetheless, there is quite a bit of content about Eric's music, and a few other things, on the twenty-one or so pages here.  Click on any one of the page names at the top, and you may want to refresh the site, since new content is being added frequently.

One of the newest changes on this site is moving backgrounds on most of the pages (although they are not moving on the cell phones we've tried so far, but they are on computers).  Let us know what you think of them, and don't be afraid to be really honest.  Like a composition, this website is not in the nearly-complete stage, but more in the what-if-we-tried-it-this-way stage.

Next: Eric is working on completing some new music for some incredibly wonderful musicians and vocalists!

Help Eric create some beautiful music: Eric is in need of a space, preferably in the northern or eastern suburbs, with a decent-sounding piano, where he can compose undisturbed at any hour of the day (and not disturb the neighbors in his condo building).  Or, one that is available during the evening and late night (his most creative time).  If you have one available, or know of such a place, please send him a note through the Contact page.

Also, if you have an orchestral instrument that you no longer have need of (preferably of the smaller varieties, and obviously, not an expensive one), Eric would welcome your donation or temporary loan for his being able to use it in his compositional preparations.  (If you would rather give it to a dear friend/loved one/family member, or make some money from selling it, Eric certainly understands.)  Please check with Eric for what instruments are needed before making one available.

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